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Brass Light Gallery metal finishes

Metal Finish Information

Antique Copper

The earthy tone of Antique Copper is ideal for rustic indoor and outdoor light fixtures, Arts & Crafts lighting, and an especially stunning contrast to our natural alabaster bowls and shades.

Antique Nickel

Evocative of pewter and less shiny than our Vintage Nickel metal finish, our Antique Nickel metal finish is a handsome choice and its deeper tones tend to accentuate intricate details such as cast canopies, finials and other decorative lighting elements.

Architectural Bronze

Our Architectural Bronze metal finish has a deep chocolate color and softly brushed texture. Architectural bronze is dark and handsome choice and works well with contemporary and traditional lighting designs.

Architectural Iron

Skilled hand-rubbing imparts a smoky matte finish on the larger areas of the light fixture while edges are given a soft shine and retain the
natural beauty of brass.


The surface is neither shiny nor matte, but a perfectly smooth satin layer of rich, pure raven tone. A clean and classic finish, Black works well with historic and modern lighting styles.

Brushed Brass

Brushed Brass is a popular interior finish for period and modern interiors alike. Light fixtures metal finished in Brushed Brass add warmth to interiors with dark or neutral palettes.

Brushed Nickel

Hand-brushing gives this silvery metal finish a soft matte finish. Bright in tone and fitting for many applications, our Brushed Nickel (BN) metal finish is an especially popular choice for interior kitchen and bath ceiling fixtures and sconces.

Distressed Brass

The golden tawny tone of this metal finish is warm and variable and an especially appropriate choice with traditional style light fixtures.

Heirloom Brass

The bright golden luster is softened with a subtle darkened tone ensuring an appearance that is lively, but never garish. Our Heirloom Brass finish is an elegant choice for contemporary and traditional applications alike, imparting a sophisticated & luxurious ambience to any room.

Polished Brass

Our Polished Brass is a natural choice for traditional lighting fixtures and daring choice for contemporary lighting styles. Polished Brass has a highly reflective, glowing surface. For interior use only.

Polished Nickel

The reflective surface is bright and lively, capturing and reflecting light. Polished Nickel works well with traditional and modern lighting styles and is an especially popular choice for kitchen and bathroom light fixtures.

Polished Unlacquered Brass

Light fixtures in our natural Polished Unlacquered Brass finish start out with all the warmth and shine of our lacquered Polished Brass finish but gracefully darken with time.

Raw Copper

Over time, with exposure to light and air, it will mellow to a deep, rich red patina, similar to antique terracotta brick.

Satin Antique Brass

Elegant and understated, Satin Antique Brass metal finish is a popular choice for our handcrafted outdoor lanterns and traditional style indoor lighting.

Verdigris Patina

Not to be confused with common painted faux finishes, our authentic Verdigris Patina (VG) is the result of a meticulous, day-by-day aging process that produces an organic mix of subtle brown, green, and copper tones.

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