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Glass Panels

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Clear Seeded Glass (CS)

One of our most traditional glass choices, Clear Seeded glass (CS) is a clear glass with a fine pebbled texture. The predominantly transparent character of this sedate glass allows softened light to shine through. Like a sea mist washing over a windowpane during rain storm, Clear Seeded Glass exhibits a lyrical quality. It is especially effective where a striking indoor fixture such as our Prairie Sunrise Center or elegant and traditional outdoor light fixture, such as our London Lantern, is desired.

Cream Glass (CM)

The rich, organic quality of our Cream (CM) art glass panel offers a striking note of tincture for our indoor and outdoor lanterns and light fixtures. Variations in the density of the pigment and a dreamy, subtle texture give this glass an artistic air. Cream Glass is on the opaque side but glows warmly when lit. It is a traditional choice for Arts & Crafts lighting and particularly striking when paired with our rich Architectural Bronze metal finish.

Gold White Iridescent Glass (GW)

One of our most popular art glass choices, Gold White Iridescent Glass (GW) has a bright and warm character. Hues of soft gold, off-white, and clear glass are marbled in soft striations of subtle texture. A lustrous, translucent layer of iridescent color coats the top in the best of American art glass traditions. Bright and colorful, but not gaudy, Gold White art glass is popular choice for Arts & Crafts lanterns paired with our genuine Verdigris Patina finish. When used outside on front porches or outdoor columns or indoors on wall sconces and lantern chandeliers, this is an art glass that says “Welcome.”

Gold White Non-Iridescent Glass (GW)

As beautiful as our Gold White Iridescent Glass, but without the lustrous layer of iridescent color, our quieter Gold White Non-Iridescent Glass art glass panels offer warmth and texture with variations in luminosity. Layers of swirling warm gold, soft white and textured clear ensure glowing depth, whether the lantern is lit or not. Consider pairing Gold White Non-Iridescent Glass art panels with our rich Architectural Bronze metal finish or down-to-earth Antique Copper metal finish for a timeless, striking indoor or outdoor light fixture.

Sandblast Frost Glass (SB)

Sometimes, less is more, and the simplicity of our spare Sandblast Frost (SB) glass panel provides a clean glass panel choice for outdoor lanterns and interior light fixtures. Smooth on the outside with a precise, delicate frosted texture on the inside, the luminosity of this elegant glass is comparable to a soft but persistent fog over a wetland on a spring day in the country. For a crisp, modern fixture, combine Sandblast Frost glass with our contemporary Brushed Nickel or Architectural Bronze finish on our Studio Lantern or Chicago Lantern fixtures.

Waterfall Glass (WF)

The surface of our Waterfall Glass (WF) panel has subtle, elegant ripples trickling down a sparkling clear base. Essentially transparent with a slightly wavy surface the easy flow of this glass approximates an amiable ebb of water. Waterfall glass is dazzling on traditional and contemporary style light fixtures and pairs extremely well with all of our metal finish options but positively shines when paired with Satin Antique Brass.

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