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Exterior Lighting Collections

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Brass Light Gallery crafts a stunning collection of beautiful exterior lighting designs. Shop from more than 25 different exterior lighting styles and find the perfect lighting for your commercial or residential property. All exterior lighting from Brass Light Gallery is made by hand in America.

Exterior Lighting

Shop all exterior lighting or contact Brass Light Gallery to find exterior lighting you love.
Bungalow family of external lantern lights
Bungalow Lantern
Carlton family of traditional wall sconces, pendants, and ceiling fixtures
Carriage Lantern family of exterior lantern lighting
Carriage Lantern
Castle Gate Lantern family of Arts & Crafts lantern lights
Castle Gate Lantern
Chicago Lantern family of Arts & Crafts lantern lights
Chicago Lantern
Cottage Lantern family of classic exterior lantern lights
Cottage Lantern
Craftsman family of Arts & Crafts interior lantern lighting
Craftsman Lantern
European Country exterior lantern light
European Country Lantern
French Country family of exterior lantern lights
French Country Lantern
Georgian family of Colonial exterior lantern lights
Georgian Lantern
Hillside family of rustic or Prairie style lantern lights
Hillside Lantern
Lancaster family of Tudor style exterior lantern lights
Lancaster Lantern
London family of traditional exterior lantern lighting
London Lantern
Market family of elegant exterior path lighting
Mission family of wall sconces, pedant lighting, and chandeliers
Mission Lantern
Montara family of Art Deco exterior lantern light
Montara Lantern
Newberry family of ceiling fixtures and pendant lighting
Traditional wall sconces, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, and pendant lighting
Contemporary wall sconces, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, and pendant lighting
Pine Lake family of contemporary exterior lantern lighting
Pine Lake Lantern
Prairie View family of exterior wall lanterns
Prairie View Lantern
Provincial family of exterior cottage lantern lighting
Provincial Lantern
Ravenwood family of contemporary ceiling lighting
Ravenwood Lantern
Stamford family of rustic lighting fixtures
Stamford Lantern
Stonehaven family of rustic exterior lantern lighting
Stonehaven Lantern
Studio family of contemporary lantern lighting
Studio Lantern
Sunrise Center Lantern
Sunrise Lantern
Windowpane Lantern
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