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Industrial Reclaim Lighting

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Industrial relclaim Vintage glass Holophane
Vintage Holophane™
Crosscut Waterfall Holophane
Vintage Holophane™
Edison Holophane Pendant
Vintage Holophane™
Crosscut Dome Holophane
Vintage Holophane™
Original Framed Holophane Pendant
Vintage Holophane™
Splayed Holophane Pendant Light
Vintage Holophane™
Square Samurai Holophane
Vintage Holophane™
Framed Classic Holophane Light
Vintage Holophane™
Waterfall Holophane Light
Vintage Holophane™
Dome Holophane Pendant
Vintage Holophane™
Baraboo Acorn Holophane Pendant
Vintage Holophane™

Vintage Prismatic Glass Lighting for Modern HomesIndustrial Lighting

A majority of our Industrial Reclaimed fixtures is represented by Vintage Holophane™ lighting. Holophane glass was precisely engineered as performance lighting to maximize illumination via deep vertical ribs. The glass prisms provide a combination of uplight and downlight to illuminate any environment evenly without creating dark spots or glare. Their unique yet subtle style blends well with every décor style from Victorian and Traditional to Modern.

Vintage Holophane Lighting and Reclaimed Antique Fixtures: Where Our Story Began

Brass Light Gallery began in 1974 by reclaiming and restoring vintage light fixtures. Throughout the years we've curated a large collection of rare vintage and antique lighting such as Vintage Holophane ceiling lights. We recondition original parts whenever possible to preserve the fixture's unique history. In other cases, our skilled artisans are able to handcraft reproduction fittings in order to showcase the true beauty of the vintage prismatic glass. Increasingly hard to find, vintage Holophane prismatic light fixtures are subject to availability.

Holophane Prismatic Glass Lighting for Modern Homes

The term "Holophane" is used generically to describe clear molded glass that features deep ribs that form prisms. These prisms can be oriented in parallel vertical or horizontal lines or even in a crosscut pattern. "Prismatic" is an alternative term for Holophane glass.

Fully Restored Vintage Lighting Fixtures Rewired for Modern Use

Our vintage prismatic pendant lights are not reproductions, but decades-old originals salvaged from amphitheaters, factories, naval yards, and other industrial buildings throughout America. Fully restored and rewired for modern use, they provide beautiful task lighting for kitchen islands, tables, and  loft spaces.

These rare pieces of original Holophane glass are exquisite examples of mid-twentieth century industrial art. The crisp, clean prismatic lines produce a glare-fee glow that's elegant and inviting when illuminated.

High End Lighting DesignsHigh End Lighting Designs

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Designer lighting doesn't just illuminate a room; it enriches lives and inspires guests. That's why our lights are built to enlighten and excite. Take a look at our work and see how Brass Light Gallery crafts remarkable lighting for every space.

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