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Alabaster Lighting

221 Items Found
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Tuscany™ 24 in. Diam Multi-Stem Alabaster Pendant
Tuscany™ Alabaster
Navarra™ 12 in. Wide Alabaster Wall Sconce
Navarra™ Alabaster
Volterra™ 15 in. High Alabaster Wall Sconce
Volterra™ Alabaster
Tuscany™ 12 in. Diam Multi-Stem Alabaster Pendant
Tuscany™ Alabaster
Tuscany Sconce™ 12 in. Wall Sconce Half Shade
Tuscany™ Alabaster
Palladian™ 16 in. Diam Multi-Stem Alabaster Pendant
Palladian™ Alabaster
Navarra™ 30 in. Diam Multi-Stem Alabaster Pendant
Navarra™ Alabaster
Greek Key™ Alabaster with Lotus Details
Tuscany with Band™ 24 in. Diam Multi-Stem Alabaster Pendant
Tuscany with Band™ Alabaster
Empire™ 12 in. Wide Alabaster Wall Sconce
Empire™ Alabaster
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Genuine Alabaster Lighting

Alabaster Lighting

The unique qualities and natural characteristics of genuine alabaster stone diffuse light softly and evenly with an unmistakable translucency. Brass Light Gallery’s genuine alabaster is quarried in Spain, and each alabaster light is hand-carved from a single piece of stone by a master craftsman. It's not surprising alabaster lighting makes for such a marvelous design element for any room in your home.

Genuine Alabaster Lighting Works in Every Room of Your Home

Add beautiful natural elegance and elevated charm to any room in the house with these luminous alabaster lighting options. Each piece of alabaster varies in color, tint and pattern meaning no two alabaster lights are identical. Elevate any room with beautiful alabaster pendant lightsalabaster chandeliers and alabaster wall sconces.

Alabaster Styles from Classic to Modern

Many of our alabaster bowls are intricately hand-carved with classical motifs, alluding to the history within the stone for modern use. Easy to coordinate alabaster fixtures with your current room designs and home style.

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Genuine, Hand-carved Italian Alabaster and Quality American Craftsmanship

Brass Light Gallery’s genuine alabaster is quarried in Spain, and each alabaster light is hand-carved by a master craftsman to reveal the natural beauty of the stone. With each stone features subtle variations in veining and opacity, no two alabaster lights are identical. Then each Brass Light Gallery fixture is crafted by hand to meticulously tailored to fit you, your style and your needs.

If you’re in the market for an alabaster lighting fixture not shown here, let’s talk. Our skilled designers are happy to work with you on creating something unique and special for your home.


Alabaster is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary gypsum rock with a smooth, translucent appearance. Even with substantial thick alabaster, light can pass through it creating a warm glow that's exquisite and elevates any room of your home.

Alabaster is made of finely grained gypsum rock (calcium sulfate).

Alabaster has long been used for statues, carvings, and lamps. Its translucent properties make it a popular choice for lighting fixtures to add an ambient and elegant light in homes.

Alabaster lights can range largely in price depending on the type of fixture and quality of craftsmanship. They can go from low-end $200 wall sconces to ornately designed $7000 pendant lights.

Alabaster is less expensive than marble as it is easy to work with and commonly quarried in Europe.

Normal white alabaster is not rare. It is commonly found in Europe. However, black alabaster is rare since it is only found in 3 veins around the world.

Real alabaster is twice as heavy as imitations and weighs about 65kg per square foot. If you find two pieces of alabaster with the same vein placement, they are likely fake.

Alabaster is a soft, off-white color with varying levels of grey and beige unique to each piece. Brown veins of iron oxide can run through them, giving each its own unique charm.

Alabaster is a naturally made stone, mostly found in deposits around Europe.

Only when not properly processed and mixed with water can alabaster make a poisonous gas called hydrogen sulfide.

Alabaster should be cleaned using solvents such as acetone or mineral spirits. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to clean it depending on size. Avoid using water and other cleaning products.

Alabaster can yellow from air pollutants such as cleaning products. Strong acids reacting with minerals in the alabaster can cause this.

Alabaster is easily bruised, scratched, broken, and deteriorated by water. However, damage done to alabaster is usually caused by poor attempts at cleaning.

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