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How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Enhances your Home and Landscaping

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Enhances your Home and Landscaping
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Quality outdoor lighting adds depth and character to your home. The atmosphere becomes more inviting and your family will want to spend more time outside enjoying the natural extension of your home. Moreover, exquisitely crafted lighting can seamlessly blend your home's architectural features with the outdoors.

In this article, we cover how well-thought out lighting design and quality made fixtures can improve curb appeal and elevate your home.

Benefits of upgrading outdoor lighting to enhance your home

Renew and invigorate the aesthetics of your home with gorgeous exterior lighting made to elevate it. Choose lighting fixtures that accentuate and add beauty to your home while providing luxurious illumination.

Improves visibility of your home

Imagine how many hours you spent decorating your home and landscape only to hide the view during the night. Homeowners can maintain the appearance of the home during the night with beautiful exterior lighting, even draw focus to any architectural features of the house. For example, placing path lights around outdoor seating areas. Such features encourage homeowners and guests to enjoy more activities outside during the evening hours.

Create an atmosphere that reflects your style

When done correctly, outdoor lighting creates an intriguing ambiance around your home, playing off your home’s architectural aesthetic and enhancing your curb appeal. There are a variety of lighting options that you can install to elevate the appearance of your home. Your outdoor lighting should reflect your personal taste and the exterior décor of your home. Consider your outdoor lighting design an extension of your home. .. Light fixtures made from high quality materials and timeless designs are the impeccable details that will elevate your landscaping to new levels.  Pay attention to the finer details: the lantern silhouette, mount type, metal finishes, and the glass panel finishes. Those details make all the difference when it comes to constructing a landscape design and exterior finishes that accurately reflect the home you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Illuminate extraordinary experiences

Holding parties outside, swimming, or exploring your garden can be hindered by the darkness. Lighting facilitates outside activities so members of your household and your guest can enjoy your yard during the night to relax and entertain themselves. Many homeowners utilize the outside space to accommodate large numbers of guests. Bonfires are convenient in an outside setting. You can also set an outside kitchen and a dining table to have meals outside while viewing the stars. If you have limited time during the day, you can do landscaping with outside lighting. Without proper lighting, you might not have extraordinary experiences.

How to select your outdoor lighting

Location of your home. From Cape Cods in the Northeast to modern houses overlooking the Pacific, your home no doubt has a distinct architectural style. You’re in luck. That means selecting beautiful outdoor lighting just got easier. Whether your property is rustic or modern, traditional or craftsmen, there are lighting styles to elevate your home while keeping true with regional aesthetics.

With weather being a big factor when ordering lights, select lighting options that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Look for quality construction and verify the fixture is made for outside use. This will ensure your lighting fixtures last for more extended periods with less maintenance.

Colors of the lighting. There are many different light bulbs choices available, each offering unique characteristics to homeowners. Light color or appearance is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. Lower Kelvin numbers mean more yellow light. Great for creating a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.  Higher Kelvin number, the whiter or bluer the light that’s closer to natural daylight.

Recommended outdoor color options
2700K to 3000K — Soft White (Yellowish Range)
3000K to 4000K — Warm White (Between the Yellowish and White Ranges)

Possible outdoor colors
4000K to 5000K — Bright White (Between the White and Blue Ranges)
5000K to 6500K — Daylight (Blue Range)

Placement of the lights. Knowing exactly where you plan to place your lighting is helpful when it comes to ordering the correct size fixture and how many. For example, garage lighting. Some homeowners use one light centered above their garage door. Others create symmetry by placing a light on each side of the door. When ordering pathing lighting, it’s common to position them every 2-4ft apart, offsetting them if you're lining a garden pathway or front walk.

Tips for choosing your outdoor lanterns

Coordinating outdoor lighting with your home’s architectural style unifies the overall beauty and boosts your home’s curb appeal. Use these tips to select the perfect outdoor lighting.

  1. Identify the basic shape of your house.
    Stand back and take a look at your home, specifically the steepness of the roofline. Many outdoor lighting fixtures resemble these three shapes. Find the one that best represents your home.
  2. Order lanterns with the same roof-line as the house.
    Now that you have the basic shape of your home in mind, you can look for lighting options with a similar shape. Here are a few lanterns for each basic shape.

    Carriage Collection

    European Country Collection

    Lancaster Collection

    Bungalow Collection

    Cottage Collection

    Stone Haven



    French Country
  1. Choose the lantern mount and size based on where you plan to install it.

    Pier Mount

    Ceiling Mount

    Post Mount

    Wall Mount

  2. Pick your finish, art glass and overlay pattern options.
    Here’s your opportunity to personalize your lighting fixture by picking from 13 metal finishes, 9 types of glass panels, and a variety decorative overlays depending on individual light fixtures.

    You’ll want to select  the right metal finishes that blend well with the rest of the colors used in your home’s décor. For example, the Antique Copper finish is reddish-brown in hue that slowly mellows to a classic patina. The earthy tone of Antique Copper is ideal for rustic outdoor light fixtures. Or our Satin Antique Brass metal finish. Its caramel-brown in color with a flawless hand-brushed texture that reveals subtle gold undertones. Elegant and understated, Satin Antique Brass is a popular choice for our handcrafted outdoor lanterns.


Ask the experts
Landscaping with outdoor lighting and upgrading your exterior lighting fixtures are among the best ways to elevate your home. We hope the above tips on selecting and the benefits of lighting will help your decision-making process.

If you have questions or want to learn more about choosing outdoor lighting for  your home, our experienced sales team and artisan designers are available to help. Contact us and let us help you order the perfect fixtures for all of your exterior lighting needs.

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Amy Joslin

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I have an older fixture no longer produced by Brass Light Gallery. Angie and the team were extremely helpful in identifying and producing the replacement (lost) parts to get my fixture up and functioning again. They did this all remotely and shipped the parts promptly. Highly recommend!
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AMAZING!!! Breathtaking! Simply beautiful!! We are beyond impressed with the quality of these lovely fixtures and beyond impressed with the sales help from Janel. Janel was outstanding to work with! She took the time to understand that we wanted to modernize our 25 year old home with updated lighting. She asked about style, dimensions, pictures and layout information and helped us pick out coordinated fixtures for all rooms. Honest, very helpful but no pressure felt. We ordered 14 beautifully modern fixtures for the main level of our home. We live in MN and the lights came very well packaged and cared for. Our local electrician found installation easy and intuitive and commented many times on how high quality these fixtures were. "very well made, very very nice"!!! Am already planning the next lights we would like to update. We will definitely be ordering from brass light gallery again. HIGHLY recommend using this amazing company! Thank you Janel!!
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