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Brass Light Gallery Illuminates the Foxtown Development in Mequon

Foxtown Project
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Brass Light Gallery handcrafts beautiful and unique lighting solutions for universities, retail spaces, multi-unit residential properties, libraries, banks, hotels, and more. Architects and designers alike turn to us because of our large selection of premium lighting styles. The exact types of fixtures they want to elevate the spaces they’re transforming. However, we’re often asked to design one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures tailored to the project’s unique needs.

One such project for Brass Light Gallery was the Foxtown Annex, a 20,037 square feet mixed-use development across from Foxtown Brewing. It’s all part of the Foxtown Development in Mequon, WI.

The man behind the redevelopment of the area is Tom Nieman. He turned to Brass Light Gallery because he knew from personal experience that the quality and craftsmanship of the light needed could only come from us.

The goal of the Foxtown Annex included renovating a two-story ice house and two adjoining lumber sheds to create a building that consists of a restaurant, pizzeria, ice cream bar, soda fountain, and event space along the railroad tracks.

Foxtown Annex details courtesy of Berghammer Construction
Foxtown Annex is a 20,037 sq foot mixed-use development along Mequon Road in Mequon, Wisconsin, adjacent to the Foxtown Brewery.

The Foxtown Annex project includes:

1st Floor

  • Lounge Bar & Appetizers
  • Bistro 40-50 person demonstration kitchen
  • Merchandise Area

2nd Floor

  • Lifestyle Room & Small Events
  • Tasting and Conference Rooms
  • History Room
  • Dressing Rooms

Lower Level

  • Prep Kitchen

North Side

  • Patio/Beer Garden

From the beginning, Tom wanted to work with the authenticity and the history of these buildings. It was the springboard for developing the architectural design that led to the styles of lighting fixtures handcrafted for the entire project.

Once construction took shape, with structures in place but still very bare, Tom and his development team connected with the Brass Light Gallery design team to map out the lighting for the whole building. We spent time with Tom and the architect to fully understand their vision for the space before working on solutions.

Brass Light Gallery prides itself on meticulous attention to detail in handcrafting our light fixtures. While many aspects of a fixture go unnoticed by many, our passion for creating premium quality lighting lives in every one of those details. We also knew Tom appreciated that Brass Light Gallery was passionate about getting it right. He wanted the lighting, from floor to ceiling and every room and space to be perfect. And that meant it had to be Brass Light Gallery.

Scale plays an important role
Once we got a sense of the size and purpose of each space, our team created physical mockups of the showcase fixtures and placed them all around. It helped highlight the artistic vision Tom had for everything. It also helped us determine the correct number of fixtures to illuminate each area appropriately. In addition to the mockups, we provided CAD drawings of the highly modified fixtures we felt complimented the feature lighting.

A series of smaller light fixtures we used to create an intimate experience for visitors. Then larger fixtures for a dramatic touch. Altogether, we were able to generate a wow factor that elevated the overall aesthetics.

Custom eight-light chandelier
Enormous is one word to describe it. Massive is another. In any case, what we were able to create for the Foxtown Annex is exquisitely awe-inspiring. Six feet wide and nearly eight feet tall, hanging from an open ceiling.

Before our skilled artisans got to work on this impressive chandelier, we constructed a full-scale rendering. We built up the sides of the frame for a better sense of scale and dimension. We even included versions of the shades to replicate the true sense of size. We laid the elements on the floor, properly spaced apart, so the architect could see the scale we’re talking about. There was no hesitation from Tom. We had our centerpiece. In fact, two centerpieces.

Lighting used to create a decorative effect
In another area, a beautiful bar setting needed intimate illumination. Tom and his team didn't want any lights hanging from the ceiling other than the beautiful, limited edition glass pendants that we created to hang over the bar. They also didn't want your eye being drawn to anything other than the pendants. So we made custom pendant lights with black brushed brass shades so they tied into the exposed, black-painted ceiling so you don't even notice the lights are there.

Lighting as a supporting role
Lighting style, placement, and design are vital to the overall presence of a room. They are beautiful in themselves yet lend a greater sense of purpose when fixtures are considered and incorporated into the look and feel from the beginning. Unfortunately, lighting is often an afterthought and ends up changing the ambiance or vibe of a space, usually negatively.

Originally the architect wanted the light fixtures to be way up above the support structures of the ceiling so as not to distract from the beautiful wooden beam work. However, we were insistent on bringing down the light fixtures to emphasize and enhance the exquisite craftsmanship of the beams and create a more intimate feeling without clashing.

130 lighting fixtures in total
While 130 may seem like a relatively small number, remember that Brass Light Gallery makes each light fixture by hand, starting with large sheets of premium-quality brass. Since there are no shortcuts for delivering exceptional quality, we focus on a single piece at a time. This way of manufacturing light fixtures guarantees it’s made right from the start and exceeds our customer’s high expectations.

We invite you to visit the Foxtown Annex and see for yourself just how amazing the area has become. Of course, ask about the lighting fixtures, too.

Established in 1974, Brass Light Gallery is America's favorite made in USA source for premium handcrafted decorative interior and exterior lighting.

By ordering directly from us, the designer and manufacturer, you receive outstanding personalized service and made-to-order style with your high quality, made in the U.S.A. light fixtures.

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Jun 30, 2021

Amy Joslin

Top rated Jeweler in Milwaukee 5 stars on Google
I have an older fixture no longer produced by Brass Light Gallery. Angie and the team were extremely helpful in identifying and producing the replacement (lost) parts to get my fixture up and functioning again. They did this all remotely and shipped the parts promptly. Highly recommend!
May 14, 2021

Will Heelan

Top rated Jeweler in Milwaukee 5 stars on Google
Brass Light Gallery is such an amazing resource: they can build your lighting dream. Angela in the sales room was just the best: listened carefully to what we were trying to accomplish and guided us through the process. She was a delight to work with and she persisted until she found EXACTLY what we were looking for: three sconces to match my Brass Light Gallery pendants from 20 years ago! We are so pleased!
Mar 17, 2021

Cathy Lindberg

Top rated Jeweler in Milwaukee 5 stars on Google
I loved Janel who assisted me. She was professional and friendly and super competent. Love my fixture! Perfect....and Made in the USA!
Feb 22, 2021

Trevor Santarius

Top rated Jeweler in Milwaukee 5 stars on Google
Always a fantastic experience with Brass Light Gallery. Their customer service goes above and beyond and their products are of the highest quality. It is great to support true artisans that create timeless and beautiful light fixtures that are made to last multiple generations. While certainly on the high end price-wise, their fixtures are well worth the investment.
Jan 22, 2021


Top rated Jeweler in Milwaukee 5 stars on Google
AMAZING!!! Breathtaking! Simply beautiful!! We are beyond impressed with the quality of these lovely fixtures and beyond impressed with the sales help from Janel. Janel was outstanding to work with! She took the time to understand that we wanted to modernize our 25 year old home with updated lighting. She asked about style, dimensions, pictures and layout information and helped us pick out coordinated fixtures for all rooms. Honest, very helpful but no pressure felt. We ordered 14 beautifully modern fixtures for the main level of our home. We live in MN and the lights came very well packaged and cared for. Our local electrician found installation easy and intuitive and commented many times on how high quality these fixtures were. "very well made, very very nice"!!! Am already planning the next lights we would like to update. We will definitely be ordering from brass light gallery again. HIGHLY recommend using this amazing company! Thank you Janel!!
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