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How to Choose Post Lights That Elevate Curb Appeal

How to Choose Post Lights That Elevate Curb Appeal
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Curb appeal is that special something people feel when they look at your home from the outside (or the curb, hence the name). It's a combination of how well you keep up your property, decor decisions, and cleanliness. Are walkways clear of leaves and debris? Are bushes and other plantings well-trimmed? One element you may have overlooked is accenting your home with upscale, quality, outdoor lighting to keep your home and neighborhood looking inviting. All these considerations add to the curb appeal.

While there are many tasks, large and small, you can undertake to add to your home's curb appeal, nothing adds more to a home than the right lighting. Adding well-chosen lights can add instant panache to how a home is seen from the street. But before investing in outdoor lighting, it is worth taking a moment to consider a few key questions before making your decision.

What kind of lighting do you need?

Outdoor lighting should accentuate the architectural richness of the outward presence of your home while complimenting the visual interest of the landscaping. Do you get path lights, wall lights (up-light or down-lighting), or pendant lighting? While you can orchestrate a combination of lighting types, perhaps the most effective way to elevate curb appeal is with post lights.

Create a welcoming ambiance with outdoor post lighting. Instantly, it becomes one of the most prominent features of your home by bringing out your home's natural charm. There are a lot of great choices in a range of styles and sizes, and one is sure to be perfect for your home.

What else should you consider when choosing outdoor post lighting?

First, it's important to take in the general look and style of your home. You won't want to add ornate or rustic outdoor post lighting to a sleek and modern home. Conversely, you probably don't want to add modern lighting to a hundred-year-old Tudor. You'll want the design, size, and prominence of the chosen outdoor post light to coalesce with the architectural features and details of your home.

The ideal outcome would be to have onlookers feel that your home is exquisite but are unable to pinpoint exactly what it is that's so impressive about the appearance of your home. It should almost feel like the post light is a seamless part of the house.

One tip to consider is to select lighting fixtures that echo the roof-line of the house. If your home has a steeply pitched roof, choose a post light that features a similar design. Coordinating outdoor lighting with your home's architectural style unifies the overall beauty and boosts your home's curb appeal.

-- How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Enhances your Home and Landscaping --

Consider scale

You'll also want to choose a post light that makes sense for your home's size. There are beautiful, "estate" sized lanterns that would overwhelm a small Craftsman home. Specifically, there are two looks to avoid, the "lollipop" look (too big a lantern too close to the ground) or, conversely, the "pinhead" look (too small a lantern that is too high up in relation to its size and the house).

However, much of this is subjective, and you have the final word when it comes to what looks good in front of your home. One great way to get an idea of how the light will look when it's installed is to cut a piece of cardboard to the desired size and shape of the light. Ask a friend or family member to hold it at the correct height in the location(s) you're considering. If you're feeling creative, have them shine a flashlight or their phone light onto the cut-out to simulate the experience.

Consider the metal finish

Like style, your outdoor post lighting should also complement the color scheme of your home. Choosing the appropriate metal finish of your lantern can further integrate it into your home's overall aesthetics.

Where should post lights be placed?

Now that you've found a style you like and which compliments your home, it's time to decide where to put your post lighting. One classic location for post lighting is near a driveway, to signal the entrance to a property. These can sometimes be placed in pairs.

This type of light also works beautifully when illuminating the path to your home, acting as a beacon to pull the eye in toward the front door. Another popular spot for post lighting is near a gate, to invite guests to make their way toward a yard or garden. Nestled around the areas of a patio or deck that you use more frequently, it can add light for festivities while maintaining the allure and appeal of the garden.

Post lights also work beautifully with a patio and can be made to echo the look of lighting at the front of a home. Patio post lighting tends to be smaller and more subdued, and care should be taken to make sure it blends in not just with the home but with the style of the garden or outdoor living space.

Light it up!

Using the right combination of outdoor lighting fixtures can highlight your home's architecture and showcase its landscaping while creating an appealing sight that welcomes both passersby and guests. Adding an outdoor post light will add warmth and no doubt elevate the curb appeal of your home. With these handy tips, you're ready to get the perfect post light for your home.

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