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The issue was poor traffic flow where guests were unintentionally drawn to the kitchen door instead of the front door. There was not a significant difference between the two paths to the front and kitchen doors. Both doors were accessible from the circle drive and neither was centered.

A landscape architect solved the problem by designing a low wall with Brass Light Gallery column lights marking the formal entryway.  Strategically placed plantings altered the flow and now direct guests toward the main entry and prevent foot traffic from the circle drive to the kitchen door.  A single post light denotes the path from the side drive to the kitchen door.

Residence solution to foot traffic flow

New flow entry

Plan of residence with old walkway
Old flow entry
Column Lights flanking entryway

Photo taken from point A. 11" French Country Column lights flank main walkway.

Landscaped wall helps divide & target walkway

Photo taken from point B. Wall and landscape direct traffic flow and prevent traffic from main walk to kitchen door.

Post light illuminates drive & kitchen entry

Photo taken from point C. 12" wide London Lantern Post Lights with custom base lights path to kitchen entry.

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